…to EAA Chapter 1476 at Rancho Murieta Airport. We are a group of aviators dedicated to preserving aviation through outreach to our next generation of aviators and aviation enthusiasts. We welcome students who want to know more about aviation including remote pilots, that is, drone pilots!

AVIATION COMMUNITY GATHERINGS Several times a year we have special evening meetings which feature guest speakers. For these special meetings we get together at The Local Bean Café in Rancho Murieta at 6:30 pm. If you’d like to share your story or request a topic or speaker please contact us! Also, come see us at Rancho Murieta Airport. We are almost always here!

YOUNG EAGLES! We host Young Eagles flights four times this year. These are scheduled events where we give kids ages 8 through 18 an actual local flight in a real airplane along with a little airplane knowledge. If they’re lucky, they may even get to handle the controls a bit in flight. Each Young Eagle recieves a log book and a complimentary EAA Student Membership. Everything–including the grin–is free.  Chapter 1476 hosts Aviation Week for high school and middle school students thinking about careers in aviation. Please contact us for more information.

EAGLE FLIGHTS! This  program expands the Young Eagles concept to adults who are interested in flying and want to take that first flight. Eagle Flights are for individuals interested in aviation, age 18 or older. Each participant receives a complimentary 6 month membership to EAA and a complimentary subscription to the highly-regarded SportAviation magazine. Contact us so that we can match you up with a pilot who will share their passion for aviation with you.

Get involved! There’s plenty of opportunity to get involved and volunteer. We’re looking for people who would like to serve as officers, committee leaders, committee members, or anyone who want to fly, build, design, or simply learn about aviation.

Local Restaurants and Shopping: The Rancho Murieta Plaza is located nearby and has several restaurants, a hardware store, a grocery store, and various other shops and salons. Walk or hitch a ride on one of the local golf carts. The local community is airport friendly and hospitable, and also hosts seasonal golf, softball, equestrian, and wine events.